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Featured Album: "Tragic Kingdom" by No Doubt

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

“Tragic Kingdom” is the third studio rock album by American rock band No Doubt. Released on October 10, 1995, this album went on to produce seven singles, earn the band two Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Rock Album, and make their charismatic singer Gwen Stefani a household name. “Tragic Kingdom” as a whole is mostly remembered for introducing the rock stylings of “ska” into mainstream popularity. Blending elements of rock, reggae, and big band, No Doubt spear-headed the scene into the public consciousness through number one tracks like “Don’t Speak” and the feminist anthem “Just a Girl.” Stream what Rolling Stone magazine described as “ear candy” and a “suburban take on ska and Blondieesque pop” through songs like “Spiderwebs” and “Sunday Morning” on Spotify!

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