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Featured Album: “American Beauty” by The Grateful Dead

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

“American Beauty” is the fifth studio album released by folk/psychedelic rockers The Grateful Dead. Hitting shelves on November 1, 1970, the band’s americana approach set their sound apart from anything else on Billboard rock charts at the time. Through their early adaptation of bluegrass inspired components, the Dead were able to fuse together elements of 60’s counter culture with more traditional musical roots to attract a dedicated fan base that’s gone on to become a tight-knit community of ‘DeadHeads’ that’s still alive and well even in the 21st century. With tracks like “Truckin,” “Friend of the Devil,” and “Sugar Magnolia,” celebrate the 50th anniversary of the musical stylings that show just how beautiful America can be once different scenes come together by streaming the album now on Spotify!

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